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Miscellaneous links

All kinds of information about verified methods is to be found at the site Interval Computations.

For details on verified solvers we use, go to the webpages of VNODE-LP, DynIbex, ValEncIA-IVP, and RiOT.

Two example comparison systems for floating-point based ODE solvers are IVP test set and ODELab.

Software comparisons within the framework of The International Competition on Verifying Continuous and Hybrid Systems.

A good web site collecting analytical solutions to ODEs is EqWorld.

Still more information is in our selection of publications:


About our framework (old version)

About our recommender

People using VERICOMP

J. A. dit Sandretto, A. Chapoutot

T. Dzetkulič

About comparison of floating-point based IVP solvers

Two FORTRAN packages for assessing initial value methods

Comparing numerical methods for ordinary differential equations