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Welcome to VERICOMP

VERICOMP is a system for comparing and testing verified solvers for initial value problems. Verified solvers generate numerical sets that are mathematically proved to contain exact solutions. More information about verified algorithms and solvers is in the Links section of this site.

Our motivation

Obtaining verified solutions to IVPs for ordinary differential equations is important in many application areas, such as biomechanics or automatic control. Test sets and comparison systems for floating-point based solvers turned out to be very useful (Test set, ODELab). Our hope is that a similar framework for verified solvers would promote their use.

VERICOMP is different

Verified solvers have to be compared differently from their floating-point analogs. The main reason is that they perform unequally on problems with and without uncertainty. In either case, the result is an interval with a non-zero width, and it can happen, due to dependency and wrapping , that the considered solver does not reach the predefined integration time (possible break-down). Besides, the reliability of the result does not have to be assessed, because the obtained enclosures are mathematically proved to contain the true solution.